Learn a little more about Celph.ai and how we're advancing remote healthcare.

Healthcare and Wellness
for everybody, everywhere.

About Us.

Healthcare and Wellness for Everyone, Everywhere

Vityls.ai’s video-based monitoring solutions deliver on the promise of digital healthcare services extended to everyone, everywhere, empowering users with an accessible tool for healthcare and personal wellness.

The vision is a world where access to telemedicine levels the playing field, facilitating remote healthcare in new locations, and giving healthcare professionals a smart tool to make data-driven decisions in any situation.

What is Celph.ai?

Celph.ai is a Software Development Kit (SDK) and back-end platform for enterprises across multiple industry verticals that enables vital measurements to record and raise alerts using artificial intelligence.

Celph.ai’s video-based monitoring solution enhances the promise of digital Healthcare delivered to everyone, everywhere, by providing users with an accessible tool for personal health and wellness.

At Celph.ai, we are passionate about delivering a holistic digital health solution that is helping healthcare professionals provide a continuum of improvements to people’s health.

Celph.ai is committed to the provision of access to health care and wellness.

The Increasing Need for Video-Based Health and Wellness Monitoring

Whether for patient self-care, preventing the spread of epidemics, or reducing gaps and improving access to care in remote locations, video-based health, and wellness monitoring will finally deliver on the promise for better healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

Who is Celph.ai?

Celph.ai is part of GravityTech Health, a subsidiary of GravityTech Group, an Australian-owned company with headquarters located in Melbourne. Since its establishment in 2016, the group now provides products and services to over 19 countries worldwide.

GravityTech aims at providing cutting-edge technology for the provision of unified security and healthcare solutions for government institutions, hospitals, education institutions, and private enterprises.