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Healthcare Services Delivery​

Add Real-time Health Status Insights
to Your Insurance Offering’s disruptive technology shapes the future of digital insurance.
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Lower onboarding costs by enabling the provisioning of smart insight into health and wellbeing at the earliest stages of the client acquisition lifecycle, by incorporating

  • Significant reduction in onboarding costs
  • Faster acquisition of new Clients
  • Shortened sales cycle

Dynamic Underwriting

With VYTALS.AI, the risk profile of an established client is expanded far beyond the financial aspect. 

Provide intelligence during your annual insurer check-in and tailor competitive packages to your client’s needs.

  • Real-time insights on health and wellness can help your decision-making
  • Optimise customer experience through digitisation
  • Attract the millennial audience
  • Client retention to the maximum

Tailor Made Features


No wearables-available on all popular mobile devices like smartphones and tablets


Built and clinically tested to deliver medical-grade accuracy over and over again

For All

Delivers accurate measurements for any age, gender and skin color

Easy to Integrate app is delivered as an SDK or end-to-end application platform

Easy to Use

For anyone, just by looking at the camera, no habits change needed


Help more patients in less time, and allow them to recover at home with peace of mind

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