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Healthcare Services Delivery​

Enabling the Digital Transformation of

Digital Healthcare is set to undergo a profound transformation with the disruptive technology from VYTALS.AI. 

Explore our selected use cases to discover how VYTALS.AI delivers personalised healthcare.


Provide health professionals with a simplified method of monitoring patients remotely.

The platform turns your device into a health assessment tool.

  • The patient’s vitals should be monitored after he or she leaves the hospital.
  • Increase diagnostic capabilities from remote locations.
  • Easy access to granular data on patient adequacy over time.
  • Empower patients to identify their health issues on any device.


Preventive Medicine

Ensure continuous, non-invasive monitoring of the individual’s vital signs and stress levels with

  • Allow medical professionals to monitor the health of patients in advance of the consultation.
  • Users of this technology can be empowered to stay on top of their own wellbeing.
  • Lower the costs of Healthcare.
  • Expand the provision of healthcare services.


Virtual Trials

Remotely collect vital signs, and expand the patient pool for virtual clinical trials across the globe.

The platform enables virtual clinical trial monitoring to be scalable and more efficient. Easily monitor more subjects, faster and for lower costs.

  • A faster way to profile potential trial participants.
  • Eliminate the need for patients to physically visit clinics to check vital signs
  • Get real-time updates at your preferred frequency, via remote access.
  • Expand the pool of volunteers for clinical trials

Tailor Made Features


No wearables-available on all popular mobile devices like smartphones and tablets


Built and clinically tested to deliver medical-grade accuracy over and over again

For All

Delivers accurate measurements for any age, gender and skin color

Easy to Integrate app is delivered as an SDK or end-to-end application platform

Easy to Use

For anyone, just by looking at the camera, no habits change needed


Help more patients in less time, and allow them to recover at home with peace of mind

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