Easily integrate our SDK into your offering

The Celph.ai technology is bundled in a Software Development Kit (SDK), and is available for a wide range of devices and operating systems. We seamlessly integrate our technology into your existing enterprise offering with an exceptionally short lead time. 

Tailor-made features

Celph.ai’s technology delivered as SDK (Software Development Kit), provides users with the ability to extract a wide range of vital signs from a client using one single device with a camera, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet, without any additional hardware required.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Oxygen Saturation

Mental Stress

Respiration Rate

Blood Pressure

IOS Support

Celph.ai’s SDK is delivered in the form of a library designed as a standard iOS framework and implemented using Objective C/ C++, which is compatible with all iOS configurations.

Basic tools needed:
Xcode 11.4 and up
iOS Deployment target 13
The C++ flag used c++17 [-std=c++17]
iOS device – not for simulator use, since camera is not available

Android Support

Celph.ai’s SDK is delivered in the form of a library and developed for Android version 8.1(Oreo), using Android Studio.

Basic tools needed:
Android Studio 3.5.2
Compile SDK version 29
Minimum SDK version 27
Target SDK version 29

Computer Support

Celph.ai allows any laptop user to benefit from its solution just by placing their face in front of the device camera.

Minimal SDK prerequisite:
Laptop devices with Windows10 with integrated camera
CPU: i3 Processor
Camera: Integrate camera with 30fps
Screen Resolution 1024×720
Free Disk Space: 500 MB

Celph.ai for Organizations and Teams

Power your teams with a corporate wellness application. Today. No integration needed. Celph.ai Team is an end-to-end corporate wellness platform that allows any organization to instantly offer a health and wellness monitoring tool to its employees, students or any other teams members.