Wellness Program

Healthcare Services Delivery​

Maintaining holistic wellness
through real-time Vital Signs Monitoring

Celph.ai gives a whole new dimension to wellness solutions, with its innovative technology,
Check out some of our use cases and let us know about your own.

Corporate Wellness

Help businesses and staff maintain positive stress levels, enhance efficiency and wellbeing.

Employee well-being programs can be strengthened to address fast-growing stress at work and assure well-being is a top priority for employees.

  • Empower employees to check their vital signs from anywhere.
  • Add Celph.ai SDK to your own corporate wellness application.
  • Use Celph.ai’s complete package, comprising platform management and an end-user mobile application.


Stress Management/Wellness

VYTALS.AI uses accurate heart rate variability measurements, as well as Baevsky’s mental stress index measurements, to calculate users’ stress levels. Stress levels are listed from mild to extremely high.

Be on top of stress levels to mitigate and treat devastating health impacts over time.

Manage your end-user’s stress levels with an easy-to-track stress score.

  • Based on Baevsky’s stress index and other US/EU indexes
  • From low to very high, the stress score is very easy to interpret.
  • Keep a close eye on trends regarding stress levels.
  • In under a minute, you can check your stress levels from anywhere.

Senior Care Wellness

A practical tool for observing health status from the comfort of home, is of excellent support to senior clientele.

Protect the lives of the elderly by providing an intelligent solution that empowers seniors to live independently, for longer.

  • Provide peace of mind to caregivers and family
  • Facilitate efficient Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Follow vital signs patterns over time
  • Facilitate long-term independent living
  • User-friendly for anybody used to a smartphone camera

Tailor Made Features


No wearables-available on all popular mobile devices like smartphones and tablets


Built and clinically tested to deliver medical-grade accuracy over and over again

For All

Delivers accurate measurements for any age, gender and skin color

Easy to Integrate

Vytals.ai app is delivered as an SDK or end-to-end application platform

Easy to Use

For anyone, just by looking at the camera, no habits change needed


Help more patients in less time, and allow them to recover at home with peace of mind

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